Let Simplelien file your Pre-Lien the easy way so you can finish more jobs and get paid without stress or worry!  Only available in Utah (more states coming soon!).


Service Prices


Pre-Lien/ Preliminary Notice

A Pre-Lien is required prior to filing a Lien. Preparing and serving the Pre-Lien yourself can be confusing and time-consuming..


A Lien is always helpful to get a property owner’s attention for past due payment.


Lien Release

Have a Lien Release prepared fast when you have been paid in full.

Register an account fast

Register an account and in a matter of seconds start the Pre-Lien process.

Personal Touch

Each request is handled directly by one of our Attorneys.

Automatic Updates

Automatically recieve updates through the entire process.

The simplest, quickest, most effective way to get paid.

How It Works

  1. Register an account.
  2. Submit a Pre-Lien request in the account dashboard.
  3. Sit back and relax, you’ll be notified when your request is completed.

Simple. Effective. Quick. Friendly. Easy.

Let us do the HARD WORK

Pursuing unpaid invoices demands time, anxiety, and maybe legal fees, and still, there is no guarantee you will be paid; all resulting in less take-home pay for you.  

Personal SUPPORT and CARE

Our legal professionals are dedicated to ensuring payment to millions of Americans and businesses for their honest work.

Filing Liens the EASY way

Simply file Pre-Liens/Preliminary Notices, Liens and Lien Releases from your account dashboard.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The simplest, quickest, most effective way to get paid.

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